Our Approach

The Newberry Foundation is based on three primary beliefs. We seek to achieve smart justice, more education for the voting members of the community, and an increase in job creation for the working class. We seek to achieve this through various means.



Our Story

My family's lineage here in Hawkinsville goes as far back as the early 1800s. I come from a very long line of people from this town. I had always been interested in my family's history, but truly took on the task of finding my roots about about a decade ago. It was then that I decided to create The Newberry Foundation. We purchased a property here in town and renovated it completely. It now holds a recreation of Martin Luther King's cell whilst in Bermingham, a recreation of a slave auction block, as well as several other historical models. Additionally, we offer films, a variety of health products, and body oils and incense. There is a vast library on African history in America and elsewhere, and  neighboring the Foundation is a very large multipurpose room that can be used for formals, parties, and many other special occasions. Come by and check us out!

Meet the Team

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."-Marcus Garvey


Julius Johnson

Founder & CEO

Julius Johnson attended Saint Lawrence for his undergraduate degreeand went on to graduate from Yale University. He lives in Hawkinsville with his wife and two sons. He has spent time with the State Department in Afghanistan and was a foreign officer for several years. He went on to build the Newberry Foundation and currently runs its daily operation.