As an operating Foundation uniquely located in rural Georgia, the Newberry Foundation serves as a prevention force and first responder to 3 vital areas in rural economic development: 1) Smart Justice; 2) Job Creation; and 3) Civic Education. Given the staggering statistics of rural Georgian incarceration levels, high unemployment and underemployment and embarrassingly low civic participation particularly among citizens of color, the Foundation's resources are meeting a critical need in Middle and Southern Georgia.


  • As of January 2018, Georgia has the largest number of people under state supervision in the country. That means these people are either in prison, jail, on parole, or on probation.
  • Only 53% of the population are registered as active voters. We seek to increase this number through youth outreach programs as well as going into communities and sharing why voting is important.
  • The average monthly salary in Georgia amounts to $410 , which includes blue and white collar workers, as well as C-suite employees. Unemployment rate is 12.4%. 50% of the unemployed population is in the 20-34 age category.



Ways You Can Help

Come and volunteer at The Newberry Foundation at 87 Commerce Street in Hawkinsville, Georgia, offer technical support and assistance at this location, or donate to our cause. PO Box 112, Hawkinsville GA 31036